Thursday, November 19, 2015


Something about autumn  and how we dress makes this season. I absolutely adore fall fashion. It’s such a change from summer and spring, and I welcome it. Autumn is in full impact which means sweater weather for me. Autumn look is a comfortable pair of jeans, knitted sweaters and some good shoes or ankle boots.
I embrace the sweater trends i.e, knitted, muted colors (grey, whites, blues, pinks), over sized designs, turtle neck, pastels, monochromatic sweaters, crazy printed etc etc.. It was a casual day out so I chose to where something simple. I wore this plain white knitted sweater which I got it from "Eighteen" shop at King's Way few years ago. This sweater is slightly oversize but fitted and perfect cause they can go from office hours to late night dinners as it has got some details at the back.There's something incredibly attractive about the effortlessness of a white sweater and jeans. The easygoing smart style. Therefore, I paired it with the jeans.
As, I always say I am a Black Jeans wearing girl, I never get fed up wearing Black Jeans. But I have some of my friends and my mom too who gets annoyed seeing me wearing black jeans always. I must say this light blue jeans which I am wearing in the picture is my first pair of light colored jeans in my closet. And yes, for the first time in my life I am in love with the light colored jeans beside black and dark blue. I got these jeans from a shop at KL Tower. When I discover something I love, and it fits great, as well as is comfortable and cute, well it tends get worn non-stop.These jeans is one of them from my closet. These jeans have been on real repeat as of late. They are so soft, they have a great stretch and the perfect length.
The ballet flats another repeat offender which I got from  Bhatbhateni Supermarket. . They run with pretty much everything. Charming, chic, classic, comfortable ballet flat seduces every women I guess. It is a must-have in each lady's closet, from the normal to fashionistas. 

Hope you all are doing great. As usual thanks for reading my blog and hope you liked my post. I love hearing from you all, you can comment or mail me at 
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  1. We want some pictures of yours...!!

    1. I guess you have them as you clicked all the pictures :D

  2. Di, font size ali badaunu na.. padhna garo vayo :D

    1. Thank you baini for the feedback..
      I have increased 2 pixels. :)

  3. Very simple, but chic! You look amazing :)

    -- new blogpost in my blog :)
    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx