Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Hello Readers, I know I haven't  been on for a long time as I have been trying to settle myself since I moved to New York and been more focused on personal issues. I have been busy with hectic schedules and fulfilling my own requirements as I am living alone here. Though, its lonesome and out of the thing to live alone miles away from your loved and dear ones but sometimes its kinda fun being the independent and free one. I have been busy preparing for UNI because I am transferring my Masters Degree from Computer Science to Masters in Web and Multimedia Design, so you see I am still not fully settled. But that doesn't mean I haven't been in style. I always do but the thing is that have no time for the pictures and I also don't have friends who like to take my photographs for the blog like I used to have back there in Nepal :D 
Couple weeks ago, during the beginning of summer it was a perfect weather. I went to catch up with my friends and walking down the streets and parks on the late afternoon of a beautiful day was real fun. There one of my friend came out to be a photographer :P and he just snapped some pictures of mine. You can also check his Facebook page Azil's Photography Some pictures came out very beautiful so I just couldn't stay without blogging so this gonna be a quick post just to satisfy myself from the guilt of not blogging. 
Outfit I am wearing here is Forever 21 white top, blue jeans are the repeat offender from the post Autumn In My Heart  and I paired this outfit with a white canvas shoes from American Eagle Outfitters  and the sunglass is from People' Plaza in Nepal. 

Hope you all are doing great. Thanks for checking out my blog and hope you liked the post and promise to write more when I get settled and fresh minded. I love hearing from you all too, you can comment or mail me at 
♡ SassyTamu 

Friday, March 18, 2016


Hello Readers, many of you may have already known about it but for the unknown ones I would like to tell that its been almost 3 months that I have arrived USA for my Masters Degree. Currently, I am doing Masters in Computer Science. After coming here it took me more than a month to settle down I had hectic schedules, I could not manage time for writing and clicking a single photograph for my blog. Millions miles away from hometown Nepal, traveling alone for the first time, a new place, new peoples, excitement and fear at the same time, little happiness with lots of sadness, home sickness, loneliness, boredom etc etc.. Ahh !! I cannot sum up those mixed feelings in words. Anyways I was able to overcome with those mixed feeling and I am still trying to adjust in this new environment. The lifestyle, environment, time, climate everything is totally different from Nepal it was very hard at first I felt like coming into an another planet but it was okay after a couple of weeks. Strangers became friends, many unknown Nepalese people became brothers, sisters no matter what the unity and the support among the Nepalese people made me feel like I am at home :)
Anyways, my classes are running well and its tough like hell. I am trying my best so far I am done with my midterms and this week was a spring break. Though, I am having a spring break but its really hard to manage a quality time here. Assignment deadlines, research and work load everything runs at a same time :( However me and some of my friends managed our leisure time and went out for the fresh air at the city.
Times Square in New York city is perhaps the most famous place in the whole world. It is one of the most visited tourist attraction. The large neon billboards, famous musicals, shopping destinations, funny disney characters, roads with the classic and modern vehicles, the colourful lights and the street full of people from various parts of world gives the unique Times Square vibe over there. I really had a quality time with my friends. So much to see and do in Times Square at New York city that I couldn’t focus much on being fantastic for the photographs for my post. In addition to this, I was unable to click good pictures from my camera. I was so silly that I forgot to charge the battery before leaving out from room and when I reached there my camera indicated low battery and was shut down.  Anyhow my friends clicked some picture from their phone. Although the pictures were better in color but my mood feels like black and white so I changed it into black and white filter.
Outfit I am wearing here is atmosphere black top, black jeans as usual :P a grey oversized coat  which I got from one of the beautiful shop at People’s Plaza in Nepal (I forgot the exact name of the shop) and lastly I paired this outfit with a black leather oxford shoes which is the repeat offender from the post Feeling Like A Fall

Hope you all are doing great. As usual thanks for reading my blog and hope you liked my post. I love hearing from you all, you can comment or mail me at 
♡ SassyTamu