Friday, October 9, 2015


Hello Everyone, I am alive and I am back.. I know I generally say I will be regular in this blog yet I never do. Last couple of months were not very great for me. I had terrible cough & cold and in  addition to it I had an eye problem and I was told to restrict my screen usage and you all know I work in software industry so it is very much harder for me. Now, I am wearing my glasses 24/7 and I am using lot of eye drops. My eyes are all good now and I am back on the web wagon. I tried to write alot of times however it didnt have much to talk about fashion so I didn't post anything.
Just because these are some of my favorite ones from my closet I am writing this post. These photographs were taken a month ago and the pictures are not that nice. I was taking my nieces to Bouddha for purchasing them accessories for their school event as they were taking part in dance competition. So I went out with them wearing these outfit. The patterned top I am wearing is from Mark and Spencer. I am always in love with patterned piece and I was pretty excited when I was gifted this colorful patterned top from London by my sister. The palazzo cotton pant I am wearing is from Kashmire it was brought by my mom when she went there.  I like them because they are ideal  for summer, very comfortable and can be worn with any style top. So, I choose to pair them with this similar color patterned top. And the pink babe flip flops are from random shoes store at Dillibazar. 

Thank you for reading hope you liked my post
♡ SassyTamu 

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