Saturday, March 14, 2015


Little cold, little bright and windy here today. I spent my day roaming all around Kapan. Kapan is situated in the outskirts of Kathmandu and it consist a really large area. Kapan was a VDC in Kathmandu, which has recently got changed in to Budhanilkantha Municipality. And yes, according to the analysis of 2014 Kapan is also considered as the fastest developed area of Kathmandu city.As, I live in Kapan which is division 3 near Bouddha area I too still haven’t gone through the whole area of Kapan. Today me and my cousins decided to spent a day roaming here and there. We walked and talked whole day and gone through the half part of Kapan. We found a drastic changes in some places. Those places where we used to go for playing and picnics when we were kids has already changed in to urban city, some parts are still developing and some are left behind as a rural with all those beautiful little huts, pig and poultry farms and organic farms etc. By going through all this it was a nostalgic moment, we had a really great time & enjoyed a lot. 
Talking about my outfit, as the day was bit windy and cold I wore my simple navy blue oversized sweater and jeans. As, black pants are my all time favorite so I wear them most of the time so don't get bored if you see them too often. I paired this casual outfit with all time comfortable vans and the bag I am carrying is a handmade one which I got few years ago from Pokhara. 

Ignore my hands :P i too really have no idea what was i doing 

All time favorite "Masu-Chiura" at local khaja ghar 

National Flower "Rhododendron" got on the way

A beautiful huts at the top getting destroyed in order to construct an urban city

Thanks for reading hope you liked my post.
♡ SassyTamu 

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