Thursday, November 19, 2015


Something about autumn  and how we dress makes this season. I absolutely adore fall fashion. It’s such a change from summer and spring, and I welcome it. Autumn is in full impact which means sweater weather for me. Autumn look is a comfortable pair of jeans, knitted sweaters and some good shoes or ankle boots.
I embrace the sweater trends i.e, knitted, muted colors (grey, whites, blues, pinks), over sized designs, turtle neck, pastels, monochromatic sweaters, crazy printed etc etc.. It was a casual day out so I chose to where something simple. I wore this plain white knitted sweater which I got it from "Eighteen" shop at King's Way few years ago. This sweater is slightly oversize but fitted and perfect cause they can go from office hours to late night dinners as it has got some details at the back.There's something incredibly attractive about the effortlessness of a white sweater and jeans. The easygoing smart style. Therefore, I paired it with the jeans.
As, I always say I am a Black Jeans wearing girl, I never get fed up wearing Black Jeans. But I have some of my friends and my mom too who gets annoyed seeing me wearing black jeans always. I must say this light blue jeans which I am wearing in the picture is my first pair of light colored jeans in my closet. And yes, for the first time in my life I am in love with the light colored jeans beside black and dark blue. I got these jeans from a shop at KL Tower. When I discover something I love, and it fits great, as well as is comfortable and cute, well it tends get worn non-stop.These jeans is one of them from my closet. These jeans have been on real repeat as of late. They are so soft, they have a great stretch and the perfect length.
The ballet flats another repeat offender which I got from  Bhatbhateni Supermarket. . They run with pretty much everything. Charming, chic, classic, comfortable ballet flat seduces every women I guess. It is a must-have in each lady's closet, from the normal to fashionistas. 

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Friday, November 6, 2015


Hello readers, I was super excited to write this post. Last month I went shopping with my mom at random clothing stores in Bouddha and found this flawless long oversized button-down shirt and was stuck between purchasing it or not. It hit me to buy it as I thought it will make the ideal easy going casual and even a glitz dress in summer. I made a mental note right then to write about it. It has been one of my most loved pieces at this time. It is just simple and pretty much comfortable piece. 
Few days ago I went for family outing  and I chose to dressed it up as it was simple and comfortable for the outing and yes it was also perfect for the fall weather. I dressed it up with black trousers and oxfords.

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Friday, October 9, 2015


Hello Everyone, I am alive and I am back.. I know I generally say I will be regular in this blog yet I never do. Last couple of months were not very great for me. I had terrible cough & cold and in  addition to it I had an eye problem and I was told to restrict my screen usage and you all know I work in software industry so it is very much harder for me. Now, I am wearing my glasses 24/7 and I am using lot of eye drops. My eyes are all good now and I am back on the web wagon. I tried to write alot of times however it didnt have much to talk about fashion so I didn't post anything.
Just because these are some of my favorite ones from my closet I am writing this post. These photographs were taken a month ago and the pictures are not that nice. I was taking my nieces to Bouddha for purchasing them accessories for their school event as they were taking part in dance competition. So I went out with them wearing these outfit. The patterned top I am wearing is from Mark and Spencer. I am always in love with patterned piece and I was pretty excited when I was gifted this colorful patterned top from London by my sister. The palazzo cotton pant I am wearing is from Kashmire it was brought by my mom when she went there.  I like them because they are ideal  for summer, very comfortable and can be worn with any style top. So, I choose to pair them with this similar color patterned top. And the pink babe flip flops are from random shoes store at Dillibazar. 

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Thursday, August 6, 2015


Hello Readers, Hope you all are doing well. I am writing a blog after a very long time but now am planning to write once a week. Talking about my post, its all about showcasing my sister’s designs. I hope by the title of the post you can get it. If you are a new reader and have no idea about what I am talking about, you can go through this post  My Designer Sister. Smrity Rana is my sister who has graduated in Fashion & Textile Designing from London. I am showcasing her brand “Smrity Rana” in this post.
SMRITY RANA is all about a dream, a story. A latest fashion brand created with love, passion and patience. An elegant touch, an essence and timeless designs with distinctive edge lying at the heart of the label. Smrity Rana dresses women who demand elegance and feminine style.

1. Serena Light Grey Dress

2. Jasmine Pink Sleeveless Top

3. Talia White Top

4. Adelina White Top 

5. Lana Pink Skirt

6. Harmony Yellow/Grey Top

7. Gwen Pink Top

If you want these laser cuts, soft and sweet colors exclusive designs with an elegant touch then you can go here Smrity Rana for price details and size. 

You can also contact her at 
Mobile / Whats app / Viber: 07540661970
Instagram: Smrity_RR

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Saturday, March 14, 2015


Little cold, little bright and windy here today. I spent my day roaming all around Kapan. Kapan is situated in the outskirts of Kathmandu and it consist a really large area. Kapan was a VDC in Kathmandu, which has recently got changed in to Budhanilkantha Municipality. And yes, according to the analysis of 2014 Kapan is also considered as the fastest developed area of Kathmandu city.As, I live in Kapan which is division 3 near Bouddha area I too still haven’t gone through the whole area of Kapan. Today me and my cousins decided to spent a day roaming here and there. We walked and talked whole day and gone through the half part of Kapan. We found a drastic changes in some places. Those places where we used to go for playing and picnics when we were kids has already changed in to urban city, some parts are still developing and some are left behind as a rural with all those beautiful little huts, pig and poultry farms and organic farms etc. By going through all this it was a nostalgic moment, we had a really great time & enjoyed a lot. 
Talking about my outfit, as the day was bit windy and cold I wore my simple navy blue oversized sweater and jeans. As, black pants are my all time favorite so I wear them most of the time so don't get bored if you see them too often. I paired this casual outfit with all time comfortable vans and the bag I am carrying is a handmade one which I got few years ago from Pokhara. 

Ignore my hands :P i too really have no idea what was i doing 

All time favorite "Masu-Chiura" at local khaja ghar 

National Flower "Rhododendron" got on the way

A beautiful huts at the top getting destroyed in order to construct an urban city

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Saturday, January 24, 2015


Since I have finished my bachelor level, from past 7 months I have been working as a Web Designer. I work from 10 to 6 and every morning I have a shortage of decision about what to wear today. As, I am in Information Technology field, to be honest there is nothing formal and nothing normal in this field but unlike other professions, it is very cool and I love it. The best thing about it is there is no boundary and official rules at the IT Companies. All you need to do is sit in front of your desktop surrounded by bunch of other smart heads, play awesome songs and work your ass off.. There is a saying that "Long time ago, people who sacrifice their sleep, family, food, laughter and other joys of life were called Saints but now, they are called IT Professionals." :D Seriously, we need to work really very hard for the pretty little things also. 
As, I said there is no boundaries, there is no dress code or "You have to be formal in office" type of rules so generally I dress up casually for the work. But sometime I get formal for the office for my parents shake LOL. Because when I dress up in all those sweaters, jackets, boots and sneakers they are like "Does everyone dress up like this in your office?" Therefore sometimes I wake up with the mood of being formal. Throughout history, Black and White has been famed for the formal color from royalty to the  commons. So I have put together these black and white outfits for the formalness..

The black blazer is from  Glitter at Bouddha, white chiffon shirt and black jeans are from the random shops at Bouddha, black heels is from peoples plaza and the flamingo pink laptop bag was gifted by my brother. 

And yes, I have chopped my long hair. After so long (11 years) I am having this short hairstyle. Do I look good in short hairstyle? I feel so awkward sometimes because I am a ponytail girl and now if i make a ponytail its too short and looks funny and childish.

Anyways thanks for reading and supporting hope you liked my post.
♡ SassyTamu