Sunday, December 21, 2014


Hello Readers, Today's topic is all about skater skirts and styling it with your closet things. Since the Skater Skirt has turned into a trend, the styles and looks one can get with these types of skirts are really beautiful. For me Skater Skirts are the charming form of the excellent skirts. This skirt will suit any season as they are styled in various. fabrics. My most loved style for winter is skater skirt, boots, winter sweaters and jackets to stay warm. Skater skirt are the cutest thing ever, with a million approaches to style. It can go well with sweaters, crop tops, heels, oversized tops, jackets, vans, boots, converse etc... The best part is they can look both easy and formal depending how you style it. The flexibility of these little skirts make these an unquestionable requirement to rock for every season.

I bought this plain white skater skirt from a random shop at Boudhha. This was my "Love at first sight dress" but later I regret buying it. I really have one bad habit while shopping i.e. if I see and love something I get so excited and buy it without thinking anything else and being lazy trying it. Doing so I have bought some clothes and have left them without wearing it a single time. However, this skirt was also one of them which I left in one corner of the closet as it was too short for me. But I dare to wear this and I loved it and will love to wear it again. I tried matching this white skater skirt with a denim jacket which I bought online from Shop My Closet. As, it was just a casual day outing and I want to be comfortable and look more casual so I paired it up with simple brown ankle boots from Heenaz Collection.
Being a girl can be difficult, trying to keep up with all the trends. But if you begin with a basic and versatile piece, the rest will go alright. Skater skirts can be pretty inexpensive, so stock up and add them to your fabulous closet !!

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Sunday, November 16, 2014


It’s true what they say, Your years of college will go by so fast. College is something that I was excited for as a freshman and that I dreaded leaving when graduation came. Previous weekend I graduated from London Metropolitan University with degrees in Information Technology. It’s been about a week since I have thrown my cap in the air. The weekend had its ups and downs, specifically as I said goodbye to several good friends, whom I may not see for a very long time. I can’t believe I’m almost done with college. I don’t know how to feel about it, and it’s truly overwhelming.
Enjoy some graduation pictures :)

Celebrating Graduation in true Black and Purple

All Set !!

Happiness of Graduation


A Goofy Smile

Boys posing with University people

With Caring Module Leader

With Our Friendly Supervisor

National Anthem Time

How my name was announced

BSc Hons Computing Graduates

Graduation Of Course!!

Care Packages "My Parents"
Graduation is an exciting time, its both an ending and a beginning; it's warm memories of the past and big dreams for the future. I finished my undergraduate life and am moving on. I achieved something great with all this and it is only the beginning !!

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Friday, June 20, 2014


Hello Readers, In this post I  am honoring  someone whom  I have delighted conversations, laughed at favorite TV shows together, ate midnight snacks, danced, played and dress up together. And this someone is my sister who has always been a girlie girl with her own style and idea since the childhood days. This post is all about my sister Smrity, she have currently finished her  bachelor level in Fashion and Textiles designing. Along with her brilliant success in fashion designing she has been inspiring and helping others in the process of making their careers fulfilling. Creating styles that mesmerize the masses is a difficult task but she has done it. Her fabric and designs are always happy and brings smile on people's faces and they all come together with a splash of colors which resembles a beautiful art. At the most basic level, fashion is an expressive art form and often a reflection of one’s personality. My sister designs are here today to tell you more about her feminine nature of her personal style which was conveyed within her designs.

According to her, the main inspiration for this collection were minerals and agates. She have always been fascinated by their forms and textures mainly the beautiful and vibrant colors presented in the minerals and the unique patterns (swirls) in agates.

And here She is Beautiful Designer of this Beautiful Collection
Smrity Rana 

She inspires me to go for my goals and to think big, I am so thankful to have an older sister like her that I can look up too. For more updates of her designs you can follow this Facebook page Smrity Rana

♡ SassyTamu 

Monday, June 16, 2014


The crop top trend has come a long way from its late 1990s Spice Girls days. The sexy schoolgirl look has been mellowed for a more mature and comfortable style. Crop tops are cute, but they can either look amazing or awful. It’s all in how you style them. A higher waisted bottom paired with a crop top for a lady like approach is to the trend. I chose a net lace crop top from Papaya and paired the top with high waist blue jeans. It hits at my natural waist for a super curve-enhancing look. 

Keep it classy
Style your crop top right, and you can even wear it elegant or playful.

♡ SassyTamu 

Thursday, May 29, 2014


THE JUMPSUIT, You either love it or hate it. I happen to love it !! Jumpsuit is my go-to for summer. Only pity is that jumpsuit doesn't work for everybody type, so you must be careful choosing one. This jumpsuit completely stood out to me from the moment I stepped into the store. Its easy, comfortable and I find them so flattering on my particular body shape and they're a real statement without actually having to try that hard !!

Zebra with Tribal Prints, I'm obsessed with this jumpsuit, Yes a jumpsuit :)

♡ SassyTamu 

Saturday, May 24, 2014


A day out with my sister, wearing the black and white pattern skirt  I stepped out of the house.

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Saturday, March 15, 2014


Finally had a chance to wear it :D The pretty dress is by Designer Subexya Bhadel. I wore this soft blue color dress on a dinner party organized on Women's day.

Well I was not able to take good pictures at all that night..

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